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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
The GoKey DAO

Our growing community has spoken. There is a lot of interest in community owned and managed real estate – both as an investment, and as a lifestyle amenity. A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is the ideal type of entity allowing community members to come together to pool financial resources and collective decision making to support their core values and financial goals.

Community Owned and Managed Real Estate

Membership and voting rights in GoKey DAO will be determined based on a combination of factors which may include, but are not limited to, the quantity of $GOKEY tokens held, ownership of property specific, location specific, or time specific NFTs, quantity of $ADA staked in GoKey stake pools, and/or the length of time the prospective member has held or staked the required tokens. 

Own Real World Assets and Enjoy the Benefits

GoKey DAO is committed to advancing the broader GoKey mission of making property ownership accessible to anyone who wants it, and is willing to put in the effort.

Long-term tenants may also join the DAO, earning a say in how their home is managed, and building a form of valuable equity they can use to save for a home of their own.



A Wyoming DAO Limited Liability Company

GoKey has formed the legal structure for this new DAO in the State of Wyoming, USA.

GoKey DAO offers a new approach to owning, creating value and enjoying real estate. Our community can utilize their digital assets to purchase, exchange and enjoy real world assets and property rights.

This effort can be best executed by utilizing the most innovative legal structure currently available in the United States. Wyoming has gained a reputation as a global leader for its blockchain-forward legislation and regulations, and it has recently taken a major leap forward with new legislation that officially recognizes DAOs, and provides them with similar legal authority and protections as LLCs.